For Gods and For Men


293 pages


Livraison France : 3.30€

ISBN : 978-2-36523-030-8

Disponible : Papier & Numérique

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In 98 BC, Rome’s Marcus Tegerius Castimus can no longer face failure. Tired of his public service career, he learns that he is immortal, and the community of immortals desperately needs his help. Pursued by two factions, he can choose to help the Lifebloods and live in luxury and power. Or he can fight them and save the human race from extinction. As he battles with temptation, he must also deal with Aula Rutila, a Vestal Virgin who is everything he’d ever wished for in an arranged wife. Castimus soon learns that doing the right thing isn’t easy. Adding to the difficulty, he is unaware of the trap the Lifebloods have laid for him – a trap that has been centuries in the making and from which there is no escape. Or almost none.


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Posté le 2 janvier 2015
D. M. Lawrence

An interesting story. Well written. Johnson’s descriptive imagination is fabulous. You can see in your minds eye what is being described. Castimus is a great character. He is immortal but more human you can imagine. His choices are difficult, and he sometimes makes what the reader may consider to be the wrong choice.

This is a very quick read. It is part one of a series.

Posté le 2 janvier 2015
Voicu Mihnea Simandan

Decent escapist book
As a Social Studies teacher I sometimes like to read books of alternative history and try to answer the “what ifs” they pose. Now, if your interest is the history of Ancient Rome but also enjoy fantastic fiction, then you can give “For Gods and For Men” a try. It’s a decent escapist book which banks on the current trends in writing about mythology and creating book series. Time will tell if it’s going to become successful or not.

Posté le 2 janvier 2015
artha A. Crimmins

Quick Read with Interesting Characters and Storyline
“For Gods and For Men” is a quick read with interesting characters that guide the reader easily into a story filled with unexpected turns and surprises. Johnson developed his storyline with care and detail that held my interest throughout the book. I am looking forward to a sequel, or perhaps a series. While there are a few editing errors, they did not detract from the story or my interest to continue reading. I think this first novel is a successful beginning for a promising author.