21st Century Internet : What you need to know


191 pages


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This book presents what the internet is today, how it works and how to use it. The 21 Century Internet: What you Need to Know will guide you on blogging and microblogging; on social networks, tweeting, pinging, and webscraping. You will become familiar with new internet tools such as RSS, API, AJAX and RIA. You will also understand the concept of cloud computing , video and audio conferencing, and learn how to easily use internet applications on your mobile.

It will help you to know:

  • the definition, aims, brief history and present scope of the Internet,
  • the push and pull technology and the structure of the Internet,
  •  the configuration of URLs and how to use them to get Internet resources
  • about website design, owning a website and domain name system,
  • about Internet Services Providers, types of connection and the requirements,
  • about privacy policies and statements on the internet

You will learn how to:

  • logon, browse, open email accounts, chat and download from the Internet,
  • use search engines to explore for jobs, scholarships and other opportunities,
  • recognize and rectify problems you encounter while browsing,
  •  add favorite sites, monitor browsing history and set preferences,
  • detect, avoid and block spammers, scammers and fraudsters,
  • access specific sites for any information


You will find information about e-commerce, ebooks, Web 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and the New Internet; about the advantages and disadvantages of the global network in the 21st Century.


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Posté le 2 février 2014

Maybe because I am interested in, I enjoyed read this book. It gave me more details about How Internet is working. I think that everybody should read it, even people with knowledge about Internet because it is a way to remind fine points you may have forgotten.

Posté le 5 mai 2011

Je l’ai lu et je l’ai trouvé assez benefique pour comprendre comment marche l’internet, les site web et les basique de navigations. Par contre il faudra une version plus recente car le truc informatique evolue tres vite…