My Secrets of Passing Exams Part One : the Right attitude


72 pages


Livraison France : 3.30€

ISBN : 978-2-36523-008-7

Disponible : Papier & Numérique

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This book will help you navigate the path to exam success. Its principles are generally applicable; the author has taught them to several students experiencing academic difficulties, often with remarkable results. From this book, you will learn to: • wisely invest your time in studying; • store knowledge in an organised manner for both short- and long-term purposes; • master your memory, manage and control the events leading up to your exams and ultimately; • focus on the one goal that matters – your success. In what is surely the equivalent of a master illusionist revealing his secrets, Livinus Nosike tackles the one main question that burns daily in the heart of every struggling student: how can I graduate with good grades? Livinus systematically takes the reader through the physical, social and mental principles of passing exams. For the first time, he provides in My Secrets of Passing Exams a written guide on how to achieve academic success even in the most challenging situations. A must-read for everyone who hasn’t got it all figured out.


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Posté le 2 février 2014

I didn’t read it easily because it makes me think a lot about what was written in it. That’s a real new way to learn and, by the way, a new way to teach for the future. I wonder if it is actually easy to do for anybody…