The Principle – DRIVEN LIFE


90 pages


Livraison France : 3.30€

ISBN : 978-2-36523-042-1

Disponible : Papier & Numérique

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The Principle – DRIVEN LIFE is a book about hope, despair, survival and discipline. It takes you through the character of the winner to the die-hard resolve to triumph over life’s challenges. In this bok, the author asks hard questions : What distinguishes the successful from the failures ? Why do some make it to the top while others struggle ?

David Ben-Odafe privides the beginning of an answer – drawing from personnal experience and a proven record of overcoming setbacks. He shares deep insights into the place of principle in the pursuit of success. In his words, “…your problems are not peculiar to you. There is nothing a man is destined to face that he has not been endowed by nature to bear. Someone somewhere has been in your situation before and overcame. ”

This book will spur your life a positive example to others. Fuel your lamps, be a light in a dark world, become a beacon of hope to a scared world. The rest is up to you !


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Posté le 6 janvier 2015
Dr. Femi Daniels

I’ve read this book and the word to describe it is “awesome” David really challenged the status quo with his theories…Well done!!!

Posté le 6 janvier 2015
Nelson Iyase

When you fail to define yourself successfully, then you give others an unsolicited chance to tell you what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. “The Principle-Driven Life” tells me God has put into my hands the power to run my life, and i must emulate the Principles of other great achievers in line with God’s calling for my life. The PDL is a must-read for anyone who seeks a headway..

Posté le 6 janvier 2015
Edith James

The author wrote with so much simplicity and sincerity. PDL really challenged me to take responsibility for my life… I recomend it to anyone who is in search for answers and a way.

Posté le 2 février 2014

« Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent « such true and difficult to keep in mind. I was aware of the usefulness of wondering about things out of control, the need to accept what we really are, the following of principle to make you be successful and really happy in your life… but the author put it in an excellent way, using simple words to show you that everybody can succeed in. You need only to be sincere with yourself. For me, that is a really good book.