Mots clefs ‘Sida’

VIH – SIDA: Des questions qui se posent (version Anglais)


1. Why is it that despite preventive campaign programmes and the use of condoms by some, even prostitutes, HIV infection remains in the increase, especially in Africa?

2. As is Characteristic of viruses, is it possible for HIV to become activated if later introduced in a suitable host, after inactivation outside or in non-conducive medium, and then infect?

3. If mosquitoes or other insects cannot transfer HIV biologically, can they transfer it mechanically?

4. What amount, concentration, and/or quality, of HIV in a suitable medium can infect?

5. Under what conditions is oral contact with an infected person risky; without a sore in the mouth, is there any risk of HIV transmission, even in genital-oral contact?


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